Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spiritual Interlude: "Beyond Theism" with Bishop Spong

I've heard of Episcopal Bishop Spong for a long time, usually in a negative light from orthodox Christians. I read his book Why Christianity Must Change or Die many years ago and had a neutral reaction to it. He proposes a Christianity without God, or at least without any supernatural notion of God. John Dewey also tried to formulate a religious language that replaced theological terms with humanistic terms in A Common Faith. It's a noble effort, but does it mean anything? To me, it has seemed somewhat pointless.

But I looked Spong up on Youtube recently to get an idea of what he's like as a speaker. I actually enjoyed this clip quite a bit; it struck a chord in me and seemed like a genuine expression of a non-dogmatic Christianity:

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Doug Shaffer said...

Hey Damon,
Janet and I saw a play at LATC about Bishop Spong called "A Pebble In My Shoe" written and directed by our friend Colin. Bishop Spong was in attendance that night. Definitely food for thought, as you point out.