Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tribute Bands I'd Like to See

In the spirit of Rain (a tribute to the Beatles) and The Atomic Punks (Van Halen tribute band) and Wild Child (a tribute to The Doors), I present to you my ideas for tribute bands. This is the kind of inspired thought I get at 4 a.m., with the afterthought of that terrible, terrible scene in What We Do Is Secret in which neo-hardcore band The Bronx performs as a 1980-era Black Flag playing "Police Story." Just awful. I could not suspend my disbelief after that whatsoever. But I digress. If the following bands were done right, it would be golden:

Salad Days (a tribute to Minor Threat). Runner-up names were Bottled Violence, Filler, Guilty of Being White, and Minor Threat (named after the song "Minor Threat").

Punk Is Dead (a tribute to Crass). Runner-up names were Big M.A.N., The Demo(n)crats, Christ the Band, and, of course, White Punks on Hope.

Atrocity Exhibition (a tribute to Joy Division). Runner-up names were Candidate, Passover, Heart and Soul, Here Are The Young Men, and Warsaw Revisited. (Note: I have had a dream for many, many years of forming a reggae band that plays all Joy Division songs. It would work, I tell you! You heard it here first.)


Anonymous said...

Haha - yes I'd definitely stick around to watch a band that introduced themselves with "We're MINOR THREAT - named after the song!" Though I suspect some wouldn't get the joke. How about SMALL MEN, BIG MOUTHS?

Fuzz said...

there's still time to start that reggae band - i.e. the roland space echo and all my other toys provide hours of dubby goodness!

Damon said...