Friday, September 11, 2009

Beer Isn't Good For You

Finally, somebody posted some Unit 3 with Venus. This song "Beer" has gone through my mind many times since I last heard it some 25+ years ago. When asked "What does it mean to be a punk?" Venus just says "I don't know. I just like it." That's a good punk answer. Also a good kid answer. Pretty much a novelty act, but a fine performance on the kid's part. A very Darby-like intro.


Anonymous said...

As an 11 year old, Venus was my idea of a dream date.

And oh! I've finally gotten around to saying a few words about BLUE GARDEN BLUE on my blog. Check it out:

D said...

Cool! Thanks. You pegged us just right.

As for Unit 3, the kid had aplomb. Where, oh where, is the New Wave Theater spot? "Scotty, when you kicked that bear, you broke a heart!"