Saturday, September 5, 2009

Die Kreuzen's Echo-And-Gloom

I recently found the promo materials that came with the used lp I bought of Die Kreuzen's October File. It was one of my favorites in 1986. It's art-death-metal, industrialized echo-and-gloom, and hardcore all in one gloriously grayscaled package.

A not-so-gloomy pic of the band:

And a review written by none other than Steve Albini:

Nice to see that the awesome and underrated Slovenly were on Albini's radar:

Incidentally, the one time I saw Die Kreuzen was at the Anti-Club on a bill with Slovenly in, I believe, 1987. A strange match-up, but exemplary of the blessedly scattered direction that punk bands took post-hardcore and post-post-punk. They were a great live band.

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