Friday, October 23, 2009

Cult Video Interlude, Part 3: "An Uncomfortably Intimate Evening...for Jesus!"

Have you ever found yourself watching the Trinity Broadcasting Network, perhaps late at night when you can't sleep? And have you ever been mesmerized not only by the high weirdness emanating from Benny Hinn or the station's perpetual hosts, Paul and Jan Crouch, but also by the soul-draining blandness of the station's many singers and entertainers? Well, then maybe you have set eyes on the swarthy phenom who goes by the name "Carman." I once did. But I did not focus enough on his dull interview anymore than to allow its narcotic effect push me into sleep. He's something like a cross between George Clooney and Jimmy Swaggart with a strange bit of Nick Cave's face. He apparently does "story songs," in which he narrates overworked tales of Christ's judgment. In this video, Carman has an uncomfortably intimate evening with a "male witch" named, ahem, "Isaac Horowitz." Yes, that's really the name. (The only thing left out of Carman's freakish rant is him yelling "Christ killer!") The two of them spar over whose spiritual gobbledy-goop is better, while the 80s-ish mishmash of pop goes on and on for a 6+ minute-long cringefest. If you make it to the end, you deserve honorary salvation!

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