Monday, November 23, 2009

A "Page" From the Book of Jansch

Jimmy Page was certainly, er, inspired by Bert Jansch's rendition of this traditional Irish tune ("Blackwaterside" or "Down by Blackwaterside"). In fact, most agree he lifted Jansch's sublime fingerpicked melody for "Black Mountain Side." Honestly, it doesn't make me love Zeppelin's song (or Zeppelin) any less. But here's Jansch performing the original (from the 1970s?). I had the blessing of seeing Jansch perform many years back, but damn! I'll never be able to fingerpick like that.

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Anonymous said...

Great clip! His Eastern-inspired, modal fingerstyle is totally magical. Bert was all set to play at a folk festival up near Birmingham recently (with my favorite UK band right now, WOLF PEOPLE), but sadly he dropped off the bill at the 11th hour. Must make a mental note to go see him, and soon.