Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feliĉa Akto de Rajtoj Tago!

Today is Bill of Rights Day, a day of recognition established by FDR to honor the anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights. And what would a constitutional celebration be without some controversy? And what would life be without some synchronicity?

Yesterday, quite by chance, I came across a wikipedia article on Esperanto, the international language invented by L.L. Zamenhof in 1887. I was looking up something seemingly unrelated, and there it was.

Today, I googled "Bill of Rights Day," and--Behold!--there appears to be a somewhat minor controversy in that Google is honoring December 15th as Zamenhof's birthday and not as Bill of Rights Day. Some folks are upset that Google.com is decorated with the green flag of Esperanto and not the parchment of our freedoms.

Anyway, until yesterday I had never heard of L.L. Zamenhof. And here is his name jumping out at me from my googled list of news articles! A long time ago, I kept a journal of the weird coincidences like this that I was noticing in my day-to-day affairs. Call it Jungian synchronicity or Michael Shermer's more skeptical idea of patternicity, but it always has a strange quasi-mystical feel when it happens.

That is why today I am wishing you "Feliĉa Akto de Rajtoj Tago!" That's "Happy Bill of Rights Day" in Esperanto, of course. (I used an online Esperanto Translator program, so I have no idea if this is correct.) Now go out and exercise your freedom of speech in the language of your choice!

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Brian Barker said...

Good luck to Esperanto :)

Many people do not realise that Esperanto is now a living language!

You can see this at http://www.lernu.net