Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Heart and the Real World

D. Boon (April 1, 1958-December 22, 1985). Singer, poet, painter, thinker, political activist, straight shooter, and of course a real-life guitar hero. Every time Dec. 22nd rolls around, I think about D. Boon. The last Minutemen show I saw was at the L.A. Street Scene, maybe just a few weeks before D. Boon died. I'll never forget him, bobbing and bouncing around the stage wearing multiple layers of clothes, always putting his heart into his music. A true mind-opener. Thinking a lot about him today.


Anonymous said...

Great post - though I also liked the original version w/ memories of Brother Awest :)

Brad Laner paid tribute to D. in the link below: "Resourceful Genius" - indeed.


D said...

Thanks. I had two versions, deleted the longer version when all I wanted to do was edit something out, and was too spent to try and recreate it. Next Dec. 22nd, I'll write even more.

Suffice it to say: After I learned D. Boon died on or about Dec. 23rd 1985, I got Brother Awest's phone number (apparently he was fielding inquisitive phone calls about the death). I called him and spoke to him for about a half-hour about D. Boon's greatness. OK, I'll try to recreate part of what I wrote:

"Brother Damon," he said, "take care." And even though he was a joke-minister, it felt like a blessing.


On a separate note but related by death of musical greatness, is Vic Chesnutt actually dead or still in a coma? I'm reading conflicting reports.

Either way, it's casting a pall over an otherwise blissful Christmas. "Is The Actor Happy?" is one of my favorite albums. I saw him last year at McCabe's and he RULED.