Friday, January 1, 2010

Slovenly's "Movement" (ca. 1986)

Thanks to M. Row over at the most excellent rock blog Pig State Recon for sharing this as-yet hidden gem of SSTdom, a video-promo for Slovenly's "Movement," the opening track off Thinking of Empire (1986). This seems like it's from French TV, but I suppose it could be Canadian. Slovenly were way too unsung and still are. Franklin Bruno of Nothing Painted Blue is one of the scant few rock folks who has touted them, as they played a similarly unique brand of regular-dude, no-frills, pure art-rock. A great way to begin 2010:

ADDENDUM: RIP Scott Ziegler


Anonymous said...

Ha! I was hoping you'd dig this. Now I'm trying to figure out where this was filmed. That jetty thing doesn't look like anyplace I'm familiar with in/around The South Bay . . . by the sweatshirts they're wearing, I'd guess this was up near SF someplace.

Anonymous said...

A shock to hear about Scott Z.'s passing - what a shame. He was a key component in that propulsive SLOVENLY/OVERPASS rhythmic precision. His playing will be sorely missed.

D said...

I had read about Scott Z. on the 3 Beads of Sweat label/blog, which now appears defunct. The only link I see to it now is here:

Apparently, he was found dead in 2003. His playing is sorely missed indeed. He was in Baculum with Steve Anderson after Overpass, whose album is a departure but also pretty great. Thanks again for the Slov clip!