Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NoMeansSlow: "Forget Your Life"

By the time I got around to seeing Canuck punks NoMeansNo, they were the headliners at a re-fueled Urinals show sometime in the late 90s, and they were decidedly more grey than their youngster selves who appear on camera in the above video. I was nonetheless blown away by them live. That relentless booming bass and the hyperactive but dead-on drumming make for a compelling sound. I was thus taken aback when I stumbled on this clip of "Forget Your Life" (circa 1981) a couple of years ago, in which neither bass nor drums appear at all. It's slow and doomy. It's forlorn. But the synth freakouts and spare presentation betray an art-rock savvy beneath the hard sonic surface that also characterizes NoMeansNo's later albums. This is from, I believe, a Canadian public access show.

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