Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Body Glows, You Cling to Your Seat"

This must be why Stiff Little Fingers has been on my mind lately. My recent e-mail interview with Colin Abrahall of GBH was published in the Campus Circle, a weekly newspaper geared toward the collegiate to 35 year-old crowd. As with all writing for the newspaper (it's not a fanzine), I wrote for a general audience. But I also tried to remain true to the music and the band. Kind of a delicate balance to keep, really.

Nonetheless, it was fun to connect with someone who had been an influence on my younger days. The ringing in my ears, I believe, is in part due to my listening to GBH's "Give Me Fire" 7-inch over and over and over and over in 1982, through headphones, turned up to 10.

The remainder of the Pretenders story, by the way, involves the original drummer Wilf. He was asked to go and talk to one of the Girl Scouts who was blind. He made her happy by "pretending to be a Pretender." Ain't that the makings of a Hallmark Channel movie?

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Anonymous said...

Like every other SoCal HC kiddie, I played City Baby's Revenge to absolute death in '84. Hands down, GBH were the most popular Britpunk touring act going (THE TOY DOLLS not withstanding). Certainly those Goldenvoice fellas made big bucks off em at the time.