Friday, April 2, 2010

The Otherworldly Edward Hill

Above is the newly famous "Trolololo" internet meme (aka Edward Hill). I am so enamored of it, it is sick. His carefree manner, the strings of nonsense phonemes, the double-breasted suit, the golden earth-toned palette, the sparse setting, his shadowy intro, and the invisible audience all combine for one otherworldly experience. And the melody will haunt you. Forever.

It hit me at first like some segment from a forgotten Residents concert, approaching but never reaching the level of the truly grotesque. I was, however, actually relieved to learn this wasn't self-conscious art or a Paul McCarthy piece (as much as I like McCarthy). Edward Hill's techniques are pure. Maybe this was taped in the mid-70s on Russian TV, but for two and a half minutes, Hill luxuriates in non-space and non-time.


Anonymous said...

Nuts. This guy's smile is totally gone - the inspiration for Bob Dobbs, perhaps?

D said...

Maybe that's why I felt a sort of reverence (slack) when I watched it.