Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feeling the Ulster Vibes

How things do come full circle! I have no belief whatsoever in The Secret or its so-called "law of attraction" or any other kind of metaphysical "karmic justice" in the universe. Nonetheless I do find amusement and pleasure in the fact that I mentioned Stiff Little Fingers in my interview with G.B.H., and then I posted a video for "Suspect Device" (from the great Inflammable Material album), and then a few days later, I get the opp to interview Jake Burns of SLF. Did I bring that on through some cosmic vibes? I prefer to say "it just so happens." (My mention of Sasquatch in recent posts hasn't garnered me a real-life sighting, for example. Oh, well.)

It just so happens, I've been listening to this band for about 30 years, ever since seeing a video for "Alternative Ulster" on a local late Friday night video show in 1980 (I think it was Video West: Backstage Pass). I recorded it from the T.V. speakers using a handheld cassette machine. I didn't even know it was "punk rock." It just sounded good to me. And it made me break open my encyclopedia to look up what "Ulster" meant. Listening to punk rock leads to historical inquiry! Don't forget it, kids.

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