Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heavy Metal, New Wave, and Bowie

Why do I read any Youtube comments? They're usually just angry and distracting. To wit, dudes complain about the talk-show longhairs who interrupt this video of U2 in '78. But those guys are what make this little clip worth at least two viewings. Them and the footage of Bono's decidedly non-angular hair. And the song "The Fool" is, by the way, a real keeper. The Warsaw influence is apparent and would, in perfect stride, give way to a Joy Division (Unknown Pleasures) influence on 1980's Boy. Somehow, this anxiously good song was made the same year as this other clunker. I have always been a fan of the early pre-Boy singles of U2 (and I make no bones about liking almost all of their 80s output, too). But "The Fool" is new to my ears and worthy of attention.

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