Saturday, November 6, 2010

He Sang For Us

Once after church on a Sunday in the 70s, my dad took my sister and me to a party of some sort for children at what seemed to be a pizza parlor or a theater. It was an unexpected L.A. outing for the two of us. The place was dark. There were picnic tables set up where we ate cake with a couple of dozen other kids. There was entertainment. One of the entertainers came out, dressed in a coat and a cravat. He stared at us. Then he played the "Mighty Mouse" cartoon theme song from a record on a little turntable next to him. He sang only "Here I come to save the day!" Yes, you know who it was. None of the children laughed. I recall feeling confused and uncomfortable, but it stood out in my memory. Someone thought it would be great for kids. In the early 90s, when I finally watched an Andy Kaufman special on VHS cassette in which he performed the same routine, I was floored. By that time, I found it hilarious.

In hindsight, I wish he had peformed this for us, too:

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