Friday, December 17, 2010

Cult Video Interlude, Part 6: "Heavy Breathers"

[NOTE: I am not sure why I deleted my original post on breatharianism. It might have been an accident. I certainly don't care about offending breatharians, who seem to be anorexics who rationalize their disorder/suffering in spiritualistic fantasy. I originally found it fascinating that anyone would actually believe a breatharian never eats (Jasmuheen admits as much, claiming that not eating can be boring sometimes--but oh, so holy).  I quickly grew to find, however, the whole breatharian thing not only utterly vacuous but, when considering the death reported in the Australian 60 Minutes clip, ultimately depressing. Nevertheless, for the sheer jaw-dropping lunacy of it all, here is the clip re-posted. Now, on to other cultish clownery!]

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