Monday, August 29, 2011

Election Fatigue

It's 435 days until November 6, 2012. That's the date we will elect our next president. I have been watching and listening to news about who is in and out of the Republican presidential race. That guy Christie was talked about, then he dropped out. Then there was that Donald Trump scare a few months ago. Then he dropped out. Sarah Palin's been cagey about her intentions but has been gorging on the publicity. When we she just enter the race, so she can drop out, too? I watched the Republican debate in Iowa and followed the straw poll results a couple of weeks ago. Michele Bachmann has always troubled me, but now Rick Perry is the assumed frontrunner for the Republicans. And, incredibly, he's scarier than Bachmann.

And, of course, I've watched Obama's campaign-style presidency, including his basing decisions, seemingly, on what Independents will supposedly want in 2012. But the Independents are tilting Republican. Point is, it's 435 days away, and I am tired of it, the election. I don't even have cable and I've already got election fatigue.

This isn't supposed to set in until much, much later in the election cycle. But here it is. Why are we even talking about "frontrunners"? Why are we giving credence to the results of the Iowa straw poll? What will the Supreme Court do with Obama's single biggest achievement, or maybe his only achievement domestically, and that is the health care law? If the Court sinks it at the end of the Court's session in summer 2012, what successes will Obama campaign on in the last few months before November? The extension of the Bush tax cuts, now the Obama tax cuts? The creation of the congressional super committee? I guess just the killing of Bin Laden, and maybe that we were backseat drivers in the war to topple Gaddafi. You see: fatigue.

For this reason, I plan to extricate my mind from the election until October 2012. If the world was just, the election cycle would start then. My mind's extrication, though, probably won't last long. It'll probably be over by the end of the day. And I'll be tired, so tired.

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