Friday, September 16, 2011

Dream Journal: I'm Not a Trekkie

I was in a Starbuck's by the cream and sugar table. In my hands was a gallon-size "ziploc" plastic bag in which I had two Star Trek books, or novels based on Star Trek characters. Each book was a slightly used paperback; they were doorstoppers. I also knew they were valuable. I left the bag on the table and walked over to the counter, in order to buy a coffee. Convinced that someone was going to steal the books, I kept glancing back at where I had left them. I also thought, "I'm not a trekkie. People are going to think I'm a trekkie." Sure enough, I glanced back at one point to see my plastic bag of books had disappeared.

I then found myself in a large auditorium, attending a parenting class taught by none other than Patrick Stewart in his Capt. Picard costume.

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