Friday, September 2, 2011

Heavy Metal Video Interlude, Part 4: "Why Is Nobody Thinking?"

The term "skyclad" refers to the ritual nudity of Wiccans and neopagans. But the band Skyclad appears to be fond of wearing plenty of fabric and boots and leather and, well, puffy shirts (to make Jerry Seinfeld cringe). They are almost pirate-like more than pagan. Is there "pirate metal"? If not, there should be. But I digress. I am just thinking aloud. Isn't thinking allowed?

I give kudos to this band for asking an important question that seems constantly on my mind, too: "Why is nobody thinking?" The shots of the singer in the library stacks ostensibly touting the pleasures of reading sends a good message to the metal militia. I also give them kudos for utilizing the P.O.V. shot on the drumstick hitting the snare at about 0:50.

The mandolin's nice, too.

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