Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short-Term Memory Loss

When it comes to official recognition of Steve Jobs, it's not just about weighing The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth's heroic work for civil rights slightly less than Steve Jobs's innovations in computer gadgetry (and marketing). Apparently, it's also evidence of the Administration's short-term memory loss about Steve Jobs's use of LSD, his positive opinion of the experience, and the Administration's own flip-flop on medical marijuana policy (via Glenn Greenwald):

[Steve] Jobs' praise for his LSD use is what I kept returning to as I read about the Obama DOJ's heinous new policy to use the full force of criminal prosecutions against medical marijuana dispensaries in California.

Yet now, U.S. Attorneys in California will expend substantial law enforcement resources to persecute medical marijuana dispensaries that sell to consenting adults even though those transactions have been legalized by the voters of California and 16 other states

Progressives love to point out the hypocrisy of social conservatives who righteously rail against (and demand legal sanction for) the very same sexually sinful behavior in which they enthusiastically engage — and rightly so. But what about a society that continues to imprison millions of human beings for using substances that vast numbers of people in the nation have secretly used and enjoyed, or which empowers people with the Oval Office, or reveres people like Steve Jobs, who have done the same?

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