Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Even Libertarians Are Really Libertarian

Did Charles Koch try to lead Friedrich Hayek down the "road to serfdom"? Private correspondence between the two icons of today's libertarianism reveals that Koch did encourage the Austrian-born Hayek to take advantage of the United States' Social Security and Medicare programs. Moreover, this happened at a time when Hayek repudiated any last scraps of a state-sponsored social-safety net that he defended in his writings of the 1940s, and a time when Koch had founded a libertarian think tank that was the precursor to the Cato Institute, also his brainchild. Read all about it in Yasha Levine's and Mark Ames's piece at The Nation. Methinks the plot will thicken.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Hmm..."Beatles or Stones?" Here are Mick and the boys cashing in early on (via Dangerous Minds via Open Culture):

Not a fair comparison, really, because the following isn't "Beatles," it's just Sir Paul, 40 years after the Beatles:

The late, very great Bill Hicks said it quite frankly on the essential Rant in E-Minor: "Here's the deal, folks. You do a commercial - you're off the artistic roll call, forever. End of story. Okay?" Not gospel, but never fails to make me laugh with agreement. (Incidentally, he was talking about Tonight Show host Jay Leno's Doritos commercial...almost 20 years ago!)

Back to the clips. Hot, buttery, "filthy lucre":

Oh, that is rich. But I don't begrudge him. Lydon always did want PiL to be "a company," whatever the hell that meant.

The following clip makes me sad, it's so painfully incongruous: