Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas from Stars Eat Toys

I grew up watching, laughing at, and puzzling over the religious spectacle of O.L. Jaggers and Miss Velma on local L.A. television. Now, you can, too!

Around 1980, I used to see Jaggers in the elevator of my dad's condo building. This was a time after his little star had seemed to fade from the local airwaves. Little did he know, however, that I knew who he was and was even a bit starstruck by this master of high weirdness. He was a mean-looking dude up close, I recall.

"Christmas in America," Miss Velma tells us, "would not be complete without the great American Indian tribes...paying their respect to the birthday of Jesus." Oh, really? Then she shoots some balloons. Then she jams on a stylophone. Is Christmas now complete?

You be the judge:

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