Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where Metal Drummers Go to Swing: Dave Lombardo

Perhaps no metal drummer has dived double-bass-pedal first into the world of jazz more readily, and more swingingly than Slayer's Dave Lombardo. In metal the guitar is, of course, the lead instrument. Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King provide the riffage and solos in Slayer, but Lombardo's drumming is, to me, also a lead instrument. Sometime in the late 90's, Lombardo was thusly enlisted into the Tzadik Records roster to sometimes back John Zorn:

He also did a stint with D.J. Spooky for some art-damaged hip hop on Drums of Death:

And, to my glorious surprise, I went to see Matthew Barney's Cremaster 2 years back, which featured Lombardo in this memorable scene (though "memorable scene" is a bit of surplusage when referring to Barney's vivid, brilliant, dream-like film/sculpture):

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