Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to "Play Ball" With the Banks, Democrat-Style

Dear Mr. President:

Considering the depth of the financial crisis, the inordinate harm it has caused to America's middle class and poor people, and the fraudulent actions taken by banks on Wall Street that caused the housing bubble that brought on the crisis, I am asking you to investigate the, never mind:

Charlotte, N.C. -- President Obama plans to accept the Democratic presidential nomination in the open air of Bank of America Stadium on the final day of his party's convention here next summer, repeating a page from his 2008 convention playbook. [Emphasis added.][link to SFGate]

Well, at least you will actively seek the support of America's labor unions, as you yourself support labor unions since they give a decent quality of life for American workers, strike two:

One of the contractors responsible for building Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C. is "praising" President Obama and the Democratic Party for holding a convention event there, calling the stadium an "outstanding example" of the free enterprise system. 
Brett McMahon, president of the concrete construction firm Miller & Long DC and the spokesman for the anti-labor, pro-business group Halt the Assault, notes that the stadium where President Obama will formally accept the nomination was built by non-unionized workers. [link to Politico]

But isn't there more than a bit of irony here, Mr. President? Surely you and your party recognize that!

[Democrats] also don't think it's a big deal that President Barack Obama is slated to accept the Democratic presidential nomination at Bank of America Stadium, named for the bank that received a $45 billion bailout during the financial crisis and sparked outrage by imposing a $5 monthly debit card fee on its customers. The fee was later dropped. [link to Huffington Post]

OK, well, at least you're doing it in a big stadium, regardless of which bailout-fattened bank's name may be on it, because the Democrats want as many working people as possible to be! I give up:

Democratic officials are also downplaying reports that the real reason they're choosing to hold the final day of their convention at [the stadium] isn't because it means more seats for convention attendees, but because it would allow them to sell more skyboxes to wealthy donors.
A senior Democratic official was more blunt about the benefits of having more big-ticket contributors at the event. 
"Putting on a convention is expensive. The money has to come from somewhere," said this official. "It's not like you're going to have people bankrolling some of the convention." [link to Huffington Post]

Yours truly,

 A Democrat in the Wilderness

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