Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Cringing Is Over

Governor Rick Perry has dropped out of the presidential race. But so has about 80 percent of the presidential race's entertainment value. The election fatigue has now set in so deeply, this might be my last post on politics for a while.

Now, I know I neglected to write anything when Perry crashed his comedic train into a wall of solid granite and delivered this tour de force, which I think I can say is a masterpiece of cringeworthiness:

And I left him well alone here, since this doddering "oops" performance was so well-publicized:

But a few days ago, he said that the Marines who were caught on video urinating on the corpses of Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan had merely done a "stupid mistake." So, I guess I don't really miss Rick Perry that much, because the thought of him actually winning the Republican nomination would have given me nightmares, all his laugh-riot bloopers notwithstanding.

Perry's greatest achievement was actually his indirect responsibility for the following gem. Had he not run for president, this wouldn't exist, and our lives would be that much poorer. Had this been a real campaign video, however, I would have voted for him in a heartbeat:

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