Monday, February 6, 2012

The Decline (and Fall) of Western Civilization

TIME magazine (February 6, 2012) claims that Lana Del Rey named her song and album "Born to Die" in "homage" to Biggie Smalls's Ready to Die. Maybe that's true. Who cares? Her music is still boring. She certainly didn't take her cue from this:

Which "Born to Die" is better?

The answer is clear. For all MDC's didactic political stances, at least they had a clear perspective, and it was against injustice. One of the best live bands I saw in the hardcore days, too. The guy in Del Rey's video does have the Black Flag bars tatted on his hand at about 1:15. I guess she now can claim both Biggie and Flag for street cred. Punk breaks through again and again. So what? Punk rock has become simply a reference, another dollop of pastiche for a musical culture of regurgitation. It has no heft anymore. Western culture is moribund. And I'm in a bad mood. Coffee isn't helping, yet. Am I old enough to be a curmudgeon? It seems so.

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