Saturday, February 18, 2012

Doom Documentary

This a recommendation that you watch Such Hawks, Such Hounds (2008). Nice to see a documentary that coherently traces the lineage of hard rock and psychedelia from the early 70s to now, as it comes to us through the prism of early 80s SST. One can forget that Black Flag deeply influenced more than one musical genre, not only hardcore, but doom metal (and noise and artrock-jazz fusion, too, for that matter). Fortunately, this documentary does not gloss over that fact. (See above photo.) Carducci makes a convincing claim that the lameness of mainstream 80s pop-metal coincides with a big switch of the drug of creativity from marijuana to cocaine.

Here's Such Hawks, Such Hounds in its entirety. Bands and musicians profiled include: High on Fire, Earthless, Om, Dead Meadow, Comets on Fire, Pentagram, Sunn O))), and Wino Weinrich.  All of them good:

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