Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Not Cement"

"Hi, Jinx! Get it?"
After the sad death of Mike Kelley a couple of weeks ago, I thought about posting something about my favorite movie about the early L.A. punk scene, Raymond Pettibon's Sir Drone (1989). But Papa Jon over at Waitakere Walks speaks for me in his tribute, "Mike and Mike", when he writes "arguably the beginning and end of all films on the early LA punk/Masque era" but doesn't forget Kelley's and Watt's comedic brilliance. I haven't watched it in many, many years (it's not on DVD or YouTube), but not much time passes between times I quote some line from it to my spouse, the only person I know in L.A. who actually knows about this movie.

When we had a working VHS player, I could rent this at Vidiots in Santa Monica. I don't even know if they still have it there.

Kelley said of the film:
In this tape, Mike Watt (of the Minutemen and fIREHOSE fame) and I play two teenage punks trying to start a band in the 1970s. We struggle with various ethical and aesthetic questions raised by this endeavor. The tape was shot in two days. All of the dialogue was read off cue cards. [more]

And those cue cards, sometimes visible on screen, only enhance the comedic effect. Please, dear reader, see this film.

As an added attraction, there's this earlier version of the film, with some of the same jokes, ostensibly filmed by Larry Wessel and starring Jack Brewer and Rich Acostigan (according to a YouTube comment attributed to Mr. Brewer himself):

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