Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Glenn Beck Vs. Democratic Socialism

Glenn Beck, you're no William F. Buckley, Jr. But to your credit, you had an actual socialist from the Democratic Socialists of America on your show. That is pretty much unheard of nowadays:

His "gotcha" moment with the no-one-forced-me-to-share-my-M&M's analogue for the virtues of capitalism fell flat, like so many of his responses in this clip, or on his show generally (judging from my relatively few, random tunings-in back when he was on FOX). What weird shtick.

But the best moment here, which is absolutely worth watching, is when DSA President Frank Llewellyn says that of all four people on both 2008 presidential tickets, Sarah Palin was the most socialist. Beck is dumbstruck. Llewellyn continues and explains that it's because Palin taxed the oil companies for their pipelines in Alaska, and then redistributed the money as a dividend to all Alaskan citizens. It's similar to what Hugo Chavez does down in Venezuela, he says.

Beck's response? A tortured expression. Cut to commercial. End.

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