Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Hopeless Case is Made in Colombia

The Secret Service prostitution scandal has cast a shadow on Obama's diplomatic trip to the Summit of the Americas. That same shadow will most likely obscure Obama's unfortunate remarks about drug legalization to Colombian President Juan Miguel Santos:

The capacity of a large-scale drug trade to dominate certain countries if they were allowed to operate legally without any constraint could be just as corrupting, if not more corrupting, than the status quo. [more]

Note the fallacy Obama employs in saying that the drug trade would operate "without any constraint" if drugs were legalized. Apparently, Obama's zeal for deregulation of big business has caused him to neglect the fact that absolutely no credible opponent of the War on Drugs--and there are many of us--supports total deregulation of drugs. It's an absurd argument that drug cartels would thrive if their product was legal, and I think under the surface Obama knows it.

President Obama has also acquired the same historic amnesia about Prohibition as other War-on-Drugs proponents. Outlawing booze created organized crime in America. Thank you, moralistic fanatics!

Note, too, that amidst the bizarre doublespeak about "having a legitimate conversation about the laws that are in place" while simultaneously ruling out legalization, Obama made this ominous comment to President Santos about "dealing with demand" in the United States. Read "dealing with demand" as "locking up more black and poor people" for using drugs. That's all that that means:

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