Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cult Video Interlude, Part 8: "I Don't Think At All"

WARNING: This post is a bit dark, a bit depressing, and maybe even a little more nauseating.

Frank Jones went by so many names: Da Free John, Bubba Free John, Adi Da, Da-Love Ananda, Adi Da Samraj, etc. He was part of the "Eastern mystic" cultural explosion following the freak-out of the 1960s, and in 1970 apparently had a visionary moment in the Vedanta Society Temple in Hollywood, California. Like just about every other self-styled guru, he realized he was a god-like being, or God himself. He then wrote books with esoteric titles, like The Knee of Listening and The Dawn Horse Testament. These books (and what I suppose must have been charisma) attracted followers to him, whom he proceeded to instruct, manipulate, and coerce in the ways of swinging, 70s-style.

As part of his "crazy wisdom," he intended to free a devotee of his or her "ego," which not surprisingly seemed to be code for foisting his power trip on people who wanted his approval while getting his own jollies at others' expense. Ego-shattering rituals could involve choreographed sex acts for the entertainment of Jones/God, but could also involve so much, uh, more than that. Here's just a taste of the vileness of Adi Da, from "Former members describe sadistic sexual predator, who says he's 'God'" (1985) by the intrepid cult-reporter Rick Ross:
Another former member told the press that devotees made porno for their master. A basement room became a studio for skin flicks. She said, "I heard him telling men and women go downstairs and do it, and I saw the women crying hysterically afterwards. Everything that was done was interpreted a lesson about your own lack of spirituality," she said. The same woman also told a reporter that once she saw Jones wife Nina come out of his house with hair ripped off her head and a black eye. [more]
A class act, that Adi Da. Lawsuits from abused former members of his Adidam organization eventually convinced, or forced, the troll-like Adi Da to flee with a cadre of worshippers to a private island in Fiji. Judging from the plethora of lengthy videos available on Youtube, it seems this Fijian lot could film video after video to their hearts' delight of the narcissistic Bald God.

I picked the video below at random, or maybe just because it was shorter than most of the others. In it, Adi Da Bubba Jones God pops a mint in his mouth, or a horehound drop, or more likely a fossilized turd, and proceeds to suck on it while telling a woman--who refers to him as simply "Beloved"--to "take on a life-long vow of not thinking." Uproarious laughter from his worshippers ensues, and he then smugly says, as quoted in the title of this blog post, "I don't think at all." So true, Adi Bubba God Free God Ananda Da Da Da Love Jones!

He's dead, by the way.


The moral of this story is: Anyone who claims he or she has the way to free you of your own ego, and then makes that freedom contingent upon your calling him or her "God" or "Bubba" or "Beloved" or some equivalent, is someone to be avoided at all costs.

More Rick Ross.

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