Friday, June 14, 2013

The Pink Horse and Hitler's Karma

About 20 years ago [at Vidiots in Santa Monica, CA], I came across a fantastic 30-minute documentary on VHS called The New Believers, which focused on four figures on the fringes of the then-burgeoning New Age spiritual scene. Having searched in vain for a copy of it on eBay and Amazon, and seeing no clips on YouTube, I gave up hope of ever seeing it again. But it seems that in the last year or so, the good folks at Video Paté decided the world should know about....The New Believers.

The highlight is Master Ho, a crystal-wielding, silk-robed "healer" who appears to channel an alien entity named Thomas, though not on camera. "They," says Master Ho before he can reveal Thomas's secrets, "cut me right off."  Since this was filmed, it appears that Ho has founded his own religion called the Universal Spiritual Church.

Be sure to watch the clip all the way to the end to hear about the hypothetical (or not) pink horse.

The second highlight of The New Believers is, shall we say, far less lovable than the wok-rocking Master Ho and his biblical UFOs. It is the Rev. Neville Rowe, a bloke who can trance-channel a school of dolphins...he even "talks" like them! order to share their amazing wisdom with us. (Trance-channeling and crystals seem to be the main tenets of the New Age.)

The dolphins tell us about the "infinite I AM" and on and on, but also apparently dispense explanations for the Holocaust that will leave your mouth agape. "Rev. Rowe" does confess that his view on Hitler's karma is "unpopular," after all. (Yes, I imagine only a very few idiots think like him.) Come to think of it, maybe we can't really blame the dolphins for his anti-semitism. Maybe it is all his.

Creep out and enjoy!

Edited on June16, 2013 with note about Vidiots.

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