Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Arrival is Here

Unarius used to have an incredible presence on Public Access television. I'll never forget their space-truckin' Cadillac. Archangel Uriel and her husband seemed fringe even within the New Age movement, but so much more entertaining than the rest (with the exception of Master Ho). The Unarian religion-like thing is a masterpiece of confusion. The Unarians (Unariuns?) call what they do "science." But do they really believe their own shtick? I'll never know, and Unarius: The Arrival, an hour-length narrative film about the true story, er, mythology of the Unarius cult, doesn't answer much. But what a strange, frivolous, incoherent, and happy place to be for a while! The film somehow has the glacial pace of a Tarkovsky film crunched into one hour, which I think makes it kind of an epic.

UPDATE: In answer to my own question, it appears they really DO believe what they say! At least, that's what appears in this trailer for Children of the Stars: A Story of Unarius. I'm lost, but willing to get more lost in this documentary about Archangel Uriel and her outer-space friends. Caveat emptor, though. For all I know, this cult has its own sordid history as do so many other cults.

SPOILER ALERT: I am left with a question that troubles me about the morality of this film. Why is living a pastoral life as an early human somehow karmic punishment for mass murder?

Edited 7/27/13.

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