Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It Was a Happier Time? Village People Performing "Ready for the Eighties" at the Playboy Mansion (1979)

Another artifact of the strangely optimistic (coked up?) sound and allure of disco culture. Hugh Hefner was, I guess, open-minded. But do we have to see him dance on national television? Yes, if we are compelled, as I am, to indulge in the nostalgic voyeurism of this "happy" T.V. moment. There's Dorothy Stratten, the Playboy bunny who was later murdered, and her co-host--the kissing bandit himself--Richard "Survey Says" Dawson, unashamedly drunk as a skunk. Yes, they're all gettin' down and lookin' forward to the 80s, which the Village People told us were "just gonna be great!"

If you can't stand to watch the first four minutes of disco-dancing and puppet-humor in this clip, then see the Village People perform the song "Ready for the Eighties" at the 4:40 mark. Incidentally, in one of my rock 'n' roll endeavors of the nineties, I had my band record an overly distorted but still disco-ish version of this song. The recording isn't so great 16 years later, I have to say, except at the end in a noise-guitar send-up when I yell "Managua!" Because, well, that was the eighties. I think it is about time to revisit this song yet again.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deity's Angry Man

I never thought I'd see a bona fide Deist fundamentalist! But now I have. The thought actually never occurred to me before watching this video that this particular form of rabid faith could possibly exist. This guy's really, really angry that atheists don't cling to the one, true non-faith of Deism-with-a-capital-D, as revealed to humankind in the sacred texts of Thomas Paine.

But this guy also claims to be a truer atheist than atheists are because he rejects both God and also the No-God of atheism. Try to stay on that mental treadmill without falling off!

Watch the 15 minute video above, if you've got the grit to endure it. This chap excoriates Richard Dawkins and Ricky Gervais and "active atheists" everywhere for spreading their "gospel" that mirrors the religions they despise. I practically had to wipe away the spittle I imagined flying at me from my computer screen.

Here's a drinking game: Take a shot every time he says "Abrahamic faiths."